Jesus Christ and Me!

So although there are many reasons why doing a bad thing isn’t a good idea, i feel like i may have got to the route of the problem… This issue is simple, you can’t do a bad thing and be done with it…

Every action we make as we are so greatly taught in the lesson (that almost killed me in high school) science, has a reaction and sadly despite how much we wouldn’t like it to be, that reaction normally occurs over some time, what I’m trying to say is we can’t simple make a bad choice and have no consequence. Even if the bad decision only affects you, the out come could easily be that over the next few days you’re moody, sharp and impatient. As worth it as the choice may seem in the moment we have no way of possibly knowing what will come next, that is the beauty of the gospel, we don’t need to know because Heavenly Father does and He will guide and help us in every way possible… rules although can seem restricting and uninviting at first often end up creating a safe and secure place where its calm.

There is a great saying within my church (well i heard it as a member) The further away you stay from the cliff edge the less likely you are to fall off it – that being said i often refute that by saying I’m pretty good at balancing (theoretically, in reality I’m the kind of person who’d be over the edge before you could say oops) but seriously – its true.

There is power in choosing what is right, power in keeping those promises, covenants and commitments you made, in or out of the gospel. D&C 103:15 Behold, I say unto you, the, redemption of Zion must needs come by power; D&C 103:7 For ye are the children of Israel and of the seed of Abraham, and ye must needs be led out of bondage by power, and with a stretched-out arm. Now although the scripture i have just quote within context really has nothing to do with what I’m talking about the power of the scriptures is a story can tell you one thing and the single verse can tell you another. We are children of sin, the first sin, the sin that made us possible and arguably was a huge, vital part of Heavenly Fathers plan and as such we have to work, pray, repent and enjoy life. In order to be able to enter back into our Fathers presence we have that power, that choice, that hope, faith and endurance that lies within us, our ability and possibility to repent, restart and continue gives us the ability to stay on the straight and narrow path. When i read this scripture and think about what I need to do to get home, two things came to mind, two powers that are great and divine and wonderful… My saviour Jesus Christ and me.

Bad choices are inevitable and unavoidable but we can choose to limit them, to hinder them and to walk as far away from the edge of the cliff as possible and when we do are light will shine brighter our power will be magnified and we will be able to build up, join and uplift Zion!

Have a wonderful day everyone.


You Know It, The Temple Just Reminds You Of It!

I have never really considered myself a person of luck no someone who believes in it but somebody who has it. Life has never really gone my way and on those occasions i thought maybe it might it had curved back around ever so quickly. The past two days in fact since general conference that thought process had changed, being able to receive ordinances on behalf of someone else and being able to receive my own has made me not just believe I’m lucky but in fact i am one of the luckiest people.

The beauty of the temple isn’t that it teaches us new things but reminds us of that which we need to be remembered; whether because of the vale of because of our own faults those important doctrines we so easily forget in a loud and busy world are brought forward to the front of our minds when we are surround by the calm and peace that we feel in the temple. I often reprimand myself when i have not had an amazing, enlightening and spiritual experience at the temple but later i realise all of the little, small and simple things that did occur that are just as important. Such as:

Remembering the fact that we are all equal when we are all dressed in white.

Remembering that those things which are meaningful can be quite, slow and gentle.

Remembering that the way you feel is down to the spirit of the Lord and that is attainable through daily prayer and scripture study.

Remembering those ordinances in the temple are essential to our welfare, spiritually and temporally, for the eternities and for now.

Remembering that God’s house is one of love, laughter, life, peace, gentleness, kindness and always as smile and these is no reason that world we live in cant be the same.

What we learn in the temple are covenants, promises and wisdom we already have. Satan is a man of pain and flesh and does well in encouraging us to forget those covenants, promises and wisdom again and again and it is up to us to use the amazing blessings and opportunities Heavenly Father has placed in our lives to defend ourselves.

This weekend had retaught me a lesson I already know but one of great value: God’s house is the world we come from and the one we are going back too, we have the potential to live in it every day when we remember what we already know. Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy. That joy can and is from the past the present and the future and we can create it.

In the name of Jesus Christ.


Easter, let’s talk about it.

Can we just take a moment and talk about the Easter story…. you know the one… the one we use and abuse for chocolate… fun childish scavenger hunts that they say we are too old for but really we are definitely the chosen demographic, the under 5s can’t find the eggs, the 5-11 just argue about who got how many and the over 12s are ‘too cool.’ This is a serious topic for me… Easter egg hunts are made for the 20 year olds of the world… #wasntmypoint.

Anyway.. this Easter story… do we even bother to explain it to our children anymore… apart from schools (and not all schools) does anyone spend time, talking, reading and listen to the Easter story… the story about a man… well thee man, who did something so amazing for us? Easter is right around the corner and although it would be nice to have a designated chocolate holiday, thats really not what easter is about, so if your not religious but are open to it, why not have a little talk about Mr Jesus Christ Him self… and if you are in to it… lets talk about it…

Jesus – saviour – resurrection – sacrifice – love – death – rise – body – spirit – atonement – home…

These are just a few words that should be in that conversation, if you have any questions feel free to ask… I’m a Jesus lover… Easter is my happy time!


Oh my days, its a new favourite saying of mine, which i do happen to say a lot… but seriously, oh my days – what is with the restrictions and qualifications of friendships these days? I mean i remember when you just decided someone was alright and gave it a go and normally it would last because you’d fight out the things that needed to be fought out but everything else you just let go. Today its all about having to text, call or email at a specific time, if you haven’t contacted someone in how ever long clearly you don’t care. It’s about knowing when birthdays are and making sure you send a card, organise a surprise party oh and get them the super expensive amazing, favourite gift. Friendship now requires you to have unlimited funds FYI I’m a poor person! Or to have designated time to hang – I mean my work schedule is pretty complicated. It’s about not just giving but making sure you’ve given back to whatever crappy thing you’ve received. I mean I remember the days when if someone payed for lunch – that was it… they paid for lunch, if and when you had the money maybe you paid for theirs at a later date but nothing was ever written in stone.

Friendships seem more like connections of ease these days than actual loving, genuine, come what may relationships – I’m lucky I have a few friends who will just have my back and don’t make me feel guilty or problematic for any reason… I have an illness which means i can’t really do late nights, so they make time for me during the day… i have this one amazing friend who knows theres a chance if we make plans in advance that i could cancel last minute because i suffer from migraines and she never EVER makes me feel bad for it.

We have to be careful about how our reactions and actions affect people, just because you think your putting in more effort doesn’t mean you are and actually if they really are your friend mate give them a break. Try thinking less about you!

But seriously oh my days what is up with my generation…!

A three piece suit.

What is it about a well fitted suit that makes a man look so sexy. I mean I’m talking three piece, nice shoes, a long cashmere coat and a stylish scarf. I guess its a built in idea that a man who dresses nice clearly has his s*** together and wow.. wouldn’t it be nice to end up with a man who has his s*** together… emphasise on the word man! So many of my friends talk about dating these guys and how silly they are and how they don’t put in enough effort or just don’t care and then i have to remind them that thats because they are dating boys not men. Men know what they want, who they want and what they are willing or not willing to do to get it. A man doesn’t have to have loads of money but he has to have a life plan, he doesn’t have to have his own place but he has to have a desire to move out of his mum’s house. Being a man is just like being a woman – its about taking responsibility, trying your best, apologising when your wrong, having an ability to step out on your own and most of all, you need to be honourable. I would date an 58 year old or just an 18 year old if they had these qualities… I couldn’t promise it would last but i would definitely try… how about you?

Sex baby, lets talk about it!

I had this interesting conversation with some friends on Friday night and it got me thinking…

Sex. Why is it that sex always puts people on edge? Wait, does that rhyme, no, never mind. I am what could only ever be described as a virgin, in all sense of the word. Now a few years ago that would of been solely down to the fact that I hadn’t got over myself to realise that sex wasn’t that big of a deal and despite my opportunities (there were a few) I never sealed the deal. However I then did something that I never ever imagined I would. I found God. Like full on bible reading, born again virgin (accept not born again) church going, Jesus loving, found God and through that journey I made some covenants (promises) and that changed the matter to no longer being able to get under myself (or anyone else for that matter) and sex becoming a rather huge deal – like waiting till marriage deal. When you make that choice this thing that’s natural, fun, loving and sexy becomes this huge black cloud. All of a sudden your this social leper and people literally don’t want to touch you! As a 21st century live-er and a member of the millennial generation not having sex until your married is like telling people you have no clue who the Kardashian’s are – I mean FYI even my auto correct knew who I was talking about!

It seems strange that in less than 50 years life’s changed so much, social standards have changed so much – guys don’t want to wait and the disrespectful ones drop you like your ‘not’ hot and the respectful ones kindly explain that although they understand they just don’t want to wait – which makes it harder cos I understand. If I’m being honest I don’t really want to wait but I know it’s the right decision for me. For my faith. For my life and for what I want.


Something worth waiting for! (I hope) 😉

Thanks Tonight was fun!

So being sleep deprived is totally a thing for my generation, most of the time it’s self inflicted occasionally its inflicted on us by variables out of our control.. today its totally on me! After meeting up with a friend and having a good and well deserved bitch about the old and the new, i really felt like life was good…. We hashed through our old friendship drama, mainly for a laugh but also for some reassurance, we pity partied about loosing old friends and made plans (sketchy plans) to make some new ones. We booked in when to book in our girls holiday and made plans to pub crawl and eat our hearts out tomorrow to celebrate her birthday…. We also took advantage of a hidden opportunity and teased the wait staff (also a friend) about having a thing for crazies! After hugging and goodbyeing i went and caught up with some beloved friends who always make me laugh and are always there for me, it’s nice to reconnect and to place yet again a familiar feeling of love and understanding. Finally i called a friend when all the choices are past their prime i have found that calling a friend is always a good choice, due to the painful time difference catching up with her is a constant effort and difficultly but with my late ass being dragged in at 11:45pm in the evening there was a high chance that i may catch her, sadly life is a busy task and there was some task keeping her away from the phone. It’s okay… next time.

I love to laugh and joke, to take interest in people’s lives and to also throw in my two cents… i always have an opinion.. but most of all i love to enjoy things, to be happy and loving… tonight’s be great… and sleep awaits… night!