Day 4 – of light the world, encourages us to help, serve and love those in are near us, those we pass by everyday, those we hear through the walls but we never reach out to. – how can you help or show your love to your neighbour this year? I think I’m going to […]

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I have seriously dropped the ball for the first three days – which is just silly of me but it do have 22 days left and since I’m no quitter I’m going to start now. Start now on what? you ask #LightTheWorld for many of us, this Christmas period is a time were we buy […]

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Limitations Vs Control!

Life is long, people are mean and some times you hit that breaking point, that point in life where you figure out your not indestructible, you can’t save everyone and despite your efforts your not plate juggler. So the follow up question is what do you do when you can’t do anymore, when people are […]

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A Progress Story!

We are a progress story, a series of mistakes and poor choices, an opitutnity to try something, a lasting effect of repercussions. We are life. Made up of every day decisions and short sentences, we grow and we change, like it or not that is part of life. “Change is inevitable, you have to make […]

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Change? Again? I Know, Sorry!

When do we notice the change in ourselves? I seem to broach this subject a lot and i guess that’s because i change…. a lot. Every now and again i notice things about my self that are no longer the case, my attitude, my decisions, my thoughts and my perspective. I’ll read something that i […]

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The Constant And The Variable!

Have you tried? Succeeded? Then are faced with another thing to try? It seems like life can and is a constant source of trying, fighting and having to do it all over again. I recently read a quote saying “in life hard is the constant, the variable is how we react to the hard.”Now I’m […]

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