An Intentionally False Statement

The oxford English dictionary defines lying as ‘an intentionally false statement’ but we all know that lying is so much more than that. Outright lying will always land you in trouble, it brews quickly and burns fast; however there are so many versions of lying that can include a small truth or just withholding the […]

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Reminiscing And Possibly Missing!

High school, it really doesn’t matter what corner of the world you may come from everyone has the same limited edition version. Drama, relationships, friendships, family drama and not to mention failing grades, high school equates to one and only one thing – Hell. We can all pretend like it was a magical time, everyone […]

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Early Bird Squashes The Worm 

The sun is shining the morning is here and as the saying goes – the early bird catches the worm and we all know that there is always a worm or two trying to sneak its way through the cracks, in TV it’s normally some crazy scored woman however in really life it’s the series […]

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Do I Or a Don’t I?

  Let’s talk about sharing and caring: where or at what point do you not offer something up to help someone, if they are in need do you do it? If they will put you in danger, do you do it? If it’s work should you cover someone’s shift when you don’t have to? What […]

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War Vs Battle

Our greatest wars are often won when we finally fight our battles… the hardest part of trying to win a war is not knowing who or what your fighting. Some times we berry it so deep we forget that there is ever a war going on, we get lost in wayward thoughts and ideas that […]

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