Reminiscing And Possibly Missing!

High school, it really doesn’t matter what corner of the world you may come from everyone has the same limited edition version. Drama, relationships, friendships, family drama and not to mention failing grades, high school equates to one and only one thing – Hell. We can all pretend like it was a magical time, everyone got on and no one in your year got pregnant or slept with a teacher but seriously your just falling yourself, high school is designed to filter out the weak, tear down the strong, embarrass the losers and idolise the winners but most of all its to prepare you for real life. Looking back, high school and all its drama was probably the worst time of my life but there are days in this big bad world where I would give just one day of high school if it meant I didn’t have to worry about how I was going to pay my next bill or constantly fret over why I’m 23 and still don’t have a boyfriend. Honesty is always the best policy and honestly if I could go back to high school even just for a day, of cause only with all the knowledge I already know, no way would I go in blind, I think id jump at the chance. What about you?  Would you stand one more day of gossip and mean girls if it meant that tomorrow you didn’t have to get up at 6am for work?


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