An Intentionally False Statement

The oxford English dictionary defines lying as ‘an intentionally false statement’ but we all know that lying is so much more than that. Outright lying will always land you in trouble, it brews quickly and burns fast; however there are so many versions of lying that can include a small truth or just withholding the truth and those lies tend to slowly creepy in and turn into a full blow forest fire. Sadly we live in a world that includes at least one lie a day whether that’s an intentionally false statement, withholding the truth, choosing what to say and what not to say or the most common version of lying, telling yourself a truth that we all know is just make-believe. The biggest victim of our lies is always ourselves, we try to convince, change and promise ourselves things we know aren’t true, yet some how we always seem to buy them, we cash in our confidence, integrity and honestly in hope that we might believe something we wish to exist. I know I am a victim of my own lies, I am sure you are too… perhaps its time to change the way we think, if I can do it so can you!


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