Drumming my last nerve!

As a child I begged my mother for a drum set, i pleaded and prayed but to no avail. As the years went on my music choices changed, I played a variety of instruments but my longing for the drums never dissipated. So we moved on from being 10 and wanting to be a super cool rock star drummer to 14 and taking drumming lessons at school to 16 years old and opening a birthday present from my mum. As i pealed of the wrapping paper in anticipation i saw a small word ‘drum’ could it be my dreams where coming true and i was finally getting a drum set… the answer my friends is yes. I was so excited and grateful, but my heart sank with disappointment when the box was finally uncovered, these weren’t the hard core, cool rock star drums i had always dreamed of, these were small, electric, plug in drums which didn’t look nearly as cool. I smiled begrudgingly and told my mum how happy i was. In truth those drums never came out of the box. I’m now twenty four and i don’t think there was many a time in my teenage years where i could have been any more ungrateful, whats worse is now I’m a nanny and the little boy i look after has his very own set of kid drums… My days how i wish i could buy him an electric drum set… but man they are expensive.

The pounding of the bass drum and the echo of the snare drum weaving its way through the house has made me really appreciate how well put together my mother was when it came to my musical endeavours , FYI my younger brother also played the trumpet and the foster children in the house played recorders and any other instrument we had laying round and we had a few. Look what I’m saying is this: if your a parent and your child asks you to play the drums, make sure you’ve got enough money to buy ones that come with headphones. Also if you don’t make sure they are old enough to be left on their own and that you have a detached house so no neighbours are calling the police. Lastly don’t stifle creative talents, give them a chance and you may be surprised.

Oh and last lastly…. if you live next to me or with me DO NOT BUY DRUMS!


Playing Pretend!

Let’s pretend, just for a minute, that I have my life together. What would that look like?

My husband would be a beautiful man, inside and out (yes i would be married) would we really have rugrats around? No. My friend’s children would be playing around are rather nice sized house, with the snow outside and if there is snow we are clearly not in Britain. Maybe back in Austria. Fresh baked pastries on the kitchen island and making a nice pot of red berry tea. I’d be able to flip open my laptop and there would be a email waiting for me, something interesting about work, where I had to get on a flight later that afternoon to some interesting city and help catch a bad guy. My husband? He’d be in a nice three piece suit, looking sexy and well shaven, reading the newspaper and sipping whatever drink he desired at 7am 9am in the morning. Then we would kiss goodbye, lovingly and go on with our days work, whatever that might be.

Man that sounds like a pretty nice life… haha… to bad it’s made up. My current life involves my overweight ass in a ten year old big baggy t-shirt from peacocks the reads ‘i like girls’ on the front of it, while tap, tap, tapping away at my fake keyboard attached to my iPad because my laptop is shot and I have no money to buy a new one… all the while my head ringing with a stupid amount of decisions I don’t want to but need to make. Way less glamorous and way more real. Being in your twenties in this world is like trying to get to the middle of a huge maze with no help but yet everyone telling you which way to go. I mean it would be great if not everyone had an opinion, but what would be even better is if someone had a helpful opinion on my life.

#ThisIsWhereWeCallHeavenlyFather however like any old man with words of wisdom he takes His time to get back to you. Who knew you could be this frazzled at 9:54 in the morning. My bed is about 6ft away from me, maybe I’ll go crawl back into it!

Oooooh a new adult toy!

So I have this new toy. Okay I know I’m suppose to be to old to have a toy but this isn’t your old variety lost little boy toy, this is one of those twenty first century toys that deep down we all want… Okay maybe not all of us, but definitely the writer. I have a keyboard for my iPad. Now to some this might seem silly and unimportant but for me, someone who I always writing things down, having a keyboard is bliss; pure, tap tap tapping bliss.

The digital age has really come along, making me a very happy young woman, with a lot of writing to get down, I personally wouldn’t class myself as a consumer but man can I not wait until I can afford a Mac laptop. Yes that does indicate I am pro apple, but I’m not anti anything else thats for sure. Show me a piece of equipment that works and is functional then baby I’m your girl.

I’m Back Birches!

Its been a second… I know. But please don’t hold it against me, with the wind and the world whirling its way around outside how am i ever suppose to keep up with the ongoing tasks of life, let alone my blog. However i’m here now so you can all chill.
Life has been and still is a roller coaster of ups and downs and for some bazaar reason Heavenly Father has this idea that the people around me could do with some of my help and I have the time to give it – now although i love to help, support and care, occasionally i need a break, so without so much as a goodbye this new year i did exactly that. I dropped my callings like a boyfriend with an ichy fist, I waved off my hour and a half trip to institute like a mother sending her kids of to college and i used the word NO to pretty much everything i could get away with AND it was sweet, having no responsibility but the necessities, not having to worry about other people or figure out how to solve some dumb ass church problem, it was definitely by the definition of the word bliss!
Then karma, Heavenly Father and a whole load of DRAMA (and yes that was supposed to rhyme) came tumbling down – and – yet again i was supporting, loving, helping and caring.
I think sometimes we get lost in the world that is and was and forget about the world that doesn’t have us in the middle of it. Other people need us and whether we like it or not it’s kind of our job to help. Sometimes its just lending an ear, other times it’s getting in people’s faces and telling them they are bat poop crazy and need to straighten out their ways; either way its an important role in this whirling world to not just show up, but measure up.
Only make sure your not trying to measure up to some stupid standard if you do; you end up writing a blog post about it by rhyming and saying stuff like ‘boyfriend with an ichy fist’ i mean who says that!


Day 4 – of light the world, encourages us to help, serve and love those in are near us, those we pass by everyday, those we hear through the walls but we never reach out to. – how can you help or show your love to your neighbour this year? I think I’m going to bake some cookies. Hopefully they won’t taste to bad.




I have seriously dropped the ball for the first three days – which is just silly of me but it do have 22 days left and since I’m no quitter I’m going to start now.

Start now on what? you ask #LightTheWorld for many of us, this Christmas period is a time were we buy presents, moan about having to work Boxing Day, drink as much as we can and just spend time with people we love – this time of year people peek out of their shells and often offer a helping hand or a loving heart to those who need, why at Christmas? Why is it this time of year that we have a greater desire to help and serve and love?

Jesus Christ – whether you believe in him or call you self a Christian, the light of Christ still manages to shine through especially during this time. So we have a wonderful campaign for Christmas #25WaysIn25Days doing something nice, kind and loving during this Christmas period.

May I invite you, believers, non believers, those of different faith and those of no faith, to stretch out and show a little Love this Christmas period.


Limitations Vs Control!

Life is long, people are mean and some times you hit that breaking point, that point in life where you figure out your not indestructible, you can’t save everyone and despite your efforts your not plate juggler. So the follow up question is what do you do when you can’t do anymore, when people are asking for your service, when you are tired and in pain and can’t keep up? Well for me you go to your trusted and much wiser friend who gives you this advice.

“The way to break through is to say no. And don’t feel bad about it when you do. You can only do what you can…its good to push yourself…but not to the point you break, know your limitations and take control!”

Know your limitations and take control – how powerful is that. We can have knowledge of space, of technology, of human life but acknowledging and understanding our own limitations is a serious design flaw in our thinking as people. Choosing to control our selves and understand when to give it our all or to step back, to go big or just go home is a powerful tool in life, one that I don’t think many people obtain, but that’s what I’ve been told to you. So as the world as my witness I will do just that. I will make the biggest splash you’ve seen when and if I’m ready, my life will be of poise and elegance, control and passion, understanding and most of all knowledge of all I can obtain. After all knowledge is the key to everything.


Oh and that friend of mine, with words of wisdom she’s all mine!