A Progress Story!

We are a progress story, a series of mistakes and poor choices, an opitutnity to try something, a lasting effect of repercussions. We are life. Made up of every day decisions and short sentences, we grow and we change, like it or not that is part of life. “Change is inevitable, you have to make room for it’

Every day life hands us a new challenge and a new obstacle majority of the time before we’ve even jumped the last hurdle it’s given us, the greatest form of resistance that normally occors is fear, the longer we we wait the more the fear builds and before we know it we’ve wasted days, months even years without moving forward or doing anything.

Life isn’t made to break you, it’s made to build you, build you in a person of substance and love, a person of humility and understanding. There are many things I fear, things I struggle with, such as going to university as much as I love the idea it is still something I can’t quite grasp; but that’s the fear, the fear of not be accepted, the fear of failing, the fear that even if I do succeed it still won’t help me get to where I want to go, unfortunately to grow mreans to change and to change means to take chances, chances that have no grantee, chances that may not work out but for better or for worse will provide you with the growth and change you need.

For me growning, changing, it’s part of my journey here, it’s part of my Heavenly Father’s plan for me, in order to gain the exaltation I want, I have to evolve and that’s a terrifying thought, it’s so easy to be where you are, to accept what you know, to love what you have and have what you love; but that leaves no room, no room to be better, to be more Christ-like to be any part of what our Heavenly Father wants for us.

Opitutnities to change are not few but they are fleeting and if we don’t look for them and we don’t prepare for them we will miss them. Luckily for us our Heavely Father has set in motion many opitutnities for us to change on the pre made conclusion that perhaps there will be some we will miss. For that I am greatful and I truly appreciate it.

Allow yourself to change, to grow, you might like that version of yourself even more than the one you currently are.



Change? Again? I Know, Sorry!

When do we notice the change in ourselves? I seem to broach this subject a lot and i guess that’s because i change…. a lot.

Every now and again i notice things about my self that are no longer the case, my attitude, my decisions, my thoughts and my perspective. I’ll read something that i have written before or look at an old picture and realise that without even realising i have changed, some times for the better, occasionally for the worst but for the most i’ve just changed, i’ve just evolved, i have just moved forward. Back on the 30th of July 2013 i wrote this “It is anticipated and often already known that many of the people you meet will not be there for a lifetime, but only a part of your life time.” 4 years i have still found that to be true but with a slight difference, when i wrote that i was looking, begging in fact for someone to disprove my theory, under a drastic impression that in fact it wasn’t many people but all. I have not yet disproved that theory but i now come to the table with something to help, faith. Faith, trust and hope that one day my life will not be a series of goodbyes but a long time line of thank you’s and see you soon’s. We are powerful people, we run the world, change is scary when you face it head on but without even knowing it you can change drastically and become the person you want with out fear trying to manipulate that way you get there. trust me, after all i am living proof of change.


Don’t Read Into It. It’s Just An emoji!

Staring at my phone for the past 10 minutes I finally gave in and screen shot the message and sent it to only person a girl would send a screen shot message to… her bestie! If I couldn’t understand and break down what the heck it meant, she surly had to and well if she couldn’t – I was screwed.

Now isn’t that just the way? Texting and messaging is the worst way to communicate you get hung up on punctuation, grammar and most of all emojis… I mean what is the true meaning of a wink face? Or a love heart? When is it okay or not okay to send them? If your chatting to a friend… a guy friend… a GUY friend? I mean the list could go on.

Some times we shoot over the mark… we don’t look at the simple and easiest option and choose to complicated and over analyse what really is meant as a throw away comment – and don’t think your exempt I know you do it to – although it is a part of our generational right to text with flare and make a splash perhaps we should try doing the old school face to face thing sometimes I really think it could clear up some of the confusion.

And… in case your wondering my friend came back with the same conclusion as I did –

No fricking idea


The Constant And The Variable!

Have you tried? Succeeded? Then are faced with another thing to try? It seems like life can and is a constant source of trying, fighting and having to do it all over again. I recently read a quote saying “in life hard is the constant, the variable is how we react to the hard.”Now I’m not proposing I’m perfect but I try all the time to ensure that when life is difficult my variable is almost as constant as the hard, that being a smile on my face, a positive word and powering through. We look at people from an outside perspective often forgetting we don’t understand nor do we know the reasons behind peoples actions and thoughts. Some times we fail to recognise our wrong doings and when those times arise it’s up to us to swallow our pride and apologise. Today has been a long day on top of a long week and I understood that I had done as much as I could to make the right decisions and perpetuate the right choices, I was under the impression that due to my health, my efforts and my attitude I deserved a break, a moment where I didn’t have to try and fight for what I wanted or needed; however that wasn’t the case and sure enough my variable was just that varied – my response to this was harsh and negative, I felt broken and bruised and behaved as such, I was neither happy nor positive and sure enough ended up feeling deflated and upset with myself. It’s hard to think people don’t recognise your efforts or your love, that they see your choices and actions as negative or judgmental but that is not in our control, what is, is the variable – how we respond is vital to how we wish to keep going. I am tired, upset, soooo hungry and apologetic.. however tomorrow will be different my variable will change and I hope to be better than today. Good night #ItsAllAboutTheDistance

How Do You Love?

I just read an amazing article that a friend sent me called ‘the man you overlooked while searching for the perfect husband’ the essence of the article was marry someone/be with someone who loves you through always staying, someone who loves through faith, endurance and commitment; this got me thinking. Fair enough for us to want this kind of person or even be thinking and considering a person like that but are WE that kind of person are we someone who loves and when we love are we someone who loves faithfully, eternally and unwaveringly, when the hard times and tough times seep in though the cracks of our lives do we stick around, do we try?I would truly love to marry someone like that, in fact that’s often what attracts me to someone (especially considering I can be a heavy load) but am I that person to them?In truth I don’t know if I am but I do know I’m working on it… I’m trying so you should to.#ItsAllAboutTheDistanceP.s the link to the articleThe man you overlooked while searching for the perfect husband

Think Like A Man, Act Like A Lady!

Alright girls, let’s hash this out – the girl code to guys…. now guys don’t think I’m going to be unleashing trade secrets to you… I’m not about betrayal but I do want to talk about the yes and no’s to liking the same guy…. AND when it’s time to step in or step aside. There is this made up rivalry in the land of ladies that we all must be bitching and fighting amongst each other, but I can assure you that’s just not true. Aside from the occasional girl who just forgets her good manners we are all about a fair game.

Now when liking the same guy there are still some main factors to consider and guys who you may or may not want is not included. Believe it or not in this highly sophisticated world, ‘dibs’ still holds a lot of weight, if you saw him first, you get to pick first. That being said there are also exceptions to the rule, like compatibility – never stand in the way of a relationship for a hook up no matter how hot… and always allow age over beauty, if they are closer in age… mate step back, don’t be that girl.

If you think you two can play a fair game and battle it out, go for it, a little competition never hurt anyone.. but if your going to get salty, darling, try not to cook up a storm.

Last but not least always consider who your standing on to get to him, if it’s a friend do yourself a favour and realise that even if you got married, had kids and where together forever who the heck would you brag about it to if your bestie wasn’t there?

Basically when it comes to guys as the amazing Steve Harvey said “ladies you need to think like a man but act like a lady”


Just Some Thoughts

I’ve been spending a few days combing through the internet, which I personally can only describe as a seriously over crowded coffee shop, filled with egotistical people and over embellishments,  while combing through I was trying to find something to point me into a direction of life plan. I am turning 21 soon and I am finding myself in a rather unappealing position of getting to old to just be floating through.

I have always loved writing, in one form or another I have used words to make sense of life and actions, which has led me to this point here. I am going to try to be some sort of writer, writing about things that are important to me and to others, or I suppose I would imagine are important to others and see how it works out.

I am very far from perfect and will never claim to knowing anything but there are possibilities out there to have an opinion on things that affect you. So take those possibilities and create an outrageous opinion, life’s truth you’re going to need them.

As Far As The Universe Is Concerned No Action Is Still An Action, So Take An Active Part In Your Life