How Do You Love?

I just read an amazing article that a friend sent me called ‘the man you overlooked while searching for the perfect husband’ the essence of the article was marry someone/be with someone who loves you through always staying, someone who loves through faith, endurance and commitment; this got me thinking. Fair enough for us to […]

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Just Some Thoughts

I’ve been spending a few days combing through the internet, which I personally can only describe as a seriously over crowded coffee shop, filled with egotistical people and over embellishments,  while combing through I was trying to find something to point me into a direction of life plan. I am turning 21 soon and I […]

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No? Yes, Now

Learn to say no! I mean if I can’t then someone else needs to. Trying to do a million things can make you crazy and seriously I am starting to become crazy. Sometimes even when we make commitments we need to understand that prioritising is key… if something genuinely is more important then you need […]

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Seriously Bunkbeds?

I am curious to know what evil, underhanded tyrant invented bunkbeds… it definitely wants a middle-aged mum with a 40 hour work week and two kids, nor was it a dad with two jobs, three kids and a nagging wife and I can promise you by no means what so ever was it the nanny! […]

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Why Do You Love Him?

Being peaceful and happy is a eternal struggle in this temporal world, we can strive and try to be better and to do better but making mistakes is part of who we are and how we get there. Every now and then flushing out the bad takes a little more than getting on your knees […]

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