Letting Go And Letting Up

Sometimes letting go also means letting up, whether that’s no longer trying to change someone from who they are into someone we need them to be or stop helping someone who doesn’t want to be helped… there is only so much self healing in the forced healing of others, true medicine as a wise women […]

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Where Is The Line? 

I get lost. I often don’t understand how or why people do or say the things they do, I’ve always understood honestly to be the best policy so when your asked if you think that top suits someone and it doesn’t you say no or when someone cooks you a meal and you don’t like […]

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I tried. I failed but I tried. 

In our time of need it is common and very normal to seek love, friendship, comfort and contact, what isn’t normal or common is to withdraw, close yourself away and suffer. I’m working on that. We live in a world where people are always suffering and so those times I feel like I suffer I […]

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